A step-by-step Photoshop 4/5 tutorial about how to create TV scanlines on your imagery, as demonstrated on the above header.

Step 1:
Create a new image with a your text/logo on a transparent layer. Leave about 50 pixels on each side. Background R0,G42,B100

Step 2:
Create a new channel. Create a horizontal line 2 pixels wide, and make a selection of 5 vertical pixels.

picture 8:1 zoom

Select Edit > Define pattern.

Step 3:
Create another channel, and select the fill tool. Fill Channel with Contents: Pattern

Step 4:
Make the Channel a selection by dragging it onto the circle selection icon.   

Make a new layer ontop of your text. Fill the selection with Black. (Select Black as your foreground color and hit Alt-Backspace)

Step 5:
Deselect and Gaussian blur the lines layer 1 pixel. Set the opacity to 75%.

Step 6:
Create 2 duplicates of your text layer by dragging it onto the Create New Layer icon 2 times.  

Gaussian Blur one of the new layers by 3 pixels, and Motion Blur the original layer about 36 pixels at 0 degrees.
(If you are using Photoshop 5 you may have to render the text layer before applying and filters.)

HINT: Use this technique on photos to make it look like you are watching them on TV.

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