Rounding Shapes
These steps can be used for rounding shapes or anti-aliasing a jagged layer.

Create a new image, and on a new layer, fill in the shapes you want rounded, or use the Type tool to draw a letter.

Select the layer transparency of the layer you want rounded, by holding down Ctrl and clicking on the layer.

On the Keyboard, press Q to enter Quick Mask Mode.

Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur... 6 pixels

The number of pixels you blur it by determines the radius of your rounded corners.

Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast

Set the Contrast to about 94%, and then change the Brightness to whatever looks good.

Raising the Brightness will make the objects thicker, and lowering will make them thinner.

Now, press Q again to exit Quick Mask Mode, and create a new layer.

Press Alt+Backspace to fill the new layer with the foreground, and then delete the original layer.