Getting Started

All POV-Ray digital scene files must have a few basic elements in order to render. These items include:

a camera


a light source            

and a background   

In the tri-brackets <> is where an XYZ vector or RGB color belongs. If it requires a color then the RGB value is inserted, if it is going to place an object then it requires some XYZ coordinates.

The color of an object is described using RGB (Red/Green/Blue). Rather than describing the RGB out of a number from 0-255, we write it from 0-1. For example, R255 B255 G255 in Photoshop is the color white, but in POV-Ray it is RGB<1,1,1> or simply RGB 1.

Make a new POV file and save it as 'phong.pov', put this in it:

camera{location<0,0,-8> look_at 0}
light_source{<5,5,-10> 1}
background{rgb 1}

Contained within the tri-brackets you will see an X,Y,Z vector describing where this object is located.

(ie. the light source is at +5 on X, +5 on Y, and -10 on Z with an intesity of 1)

If you render this it will come up as a blank scene, with only the color white.

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