POV by Phong is a POV-Ray tutorial for beginers, who have just downloaded POV and are confused to hell. Before starting you will need to know a few number of things, this section will introduce you to them.

Here is a legend to some items on the POV-Ray interface I might make reference to, and what tasks they preform.

 - Resolution Box - Resolution Box.
This tells the POV-Ray what size to render the image in, and weather or not it will be anti-aliased.

Render - Render.
This button renders the created image in the size specified in the resolution box. When an image is rendered it appears in the images folder as a TGA file.

Docs - the Documentation.
I consult this button regularily for extra information. It is the built in tutorial for POV-Ray, but is not very user friendly.


the Axises

POV-Ray Calculates the location of any on each axis, by where you place it.

X axis is the horizontal axis.
Y axis is the verticle axis.
Z axis is the axis which gives an item depth.

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