02. Dynamics of Standard Trigonometric Functions

The standard trigonomic functions are:

Sine | sin()
Cosine | cos()
Tangent | tan()

Sine and cosine functions draw a perfectly balanced wave formation, touching 0 with each mesure of Pi, and looping with every measure of 2Pi


tan(x) = sin(x)/cos(x)

As the function of tangent approaches Pi/2, the function of Cosine in which it is rooted strikes 0, and it streches up into positive infinity, and then emerges shortly afterwards from negetive infinity, and then repeats.

This creates a unique form which you may use for your optical stimulation.

Cartesian Polar

tan (x)

tan (theta)
0 <= theta <= 2Pi

Simple functions may produce complex patterns.

For example:

sin( x/4 )
0 <= theta <= 8Pi

sin( x/1.25 )
0 <= theta <= 10Pi

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