a. What are you talking about?
Phong's Polar Graphing Tutorial
Obscure techniques for polar plotting
coherant visions on a polar graph

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November 04, 2004

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b. What do I need to get started?

First you must aquire one of the following programs:

Win32 / Freeware

Simple Graph
Java Applet
The applet draws the graph of polar coordinates.

Polar Equations
Java Applet
This applet enables one to graph polar curves.

c. What are the health benefits of polar graphing?
Creating imagery on a polar graph stimulates the frontal and parietal lobes of your cerebral cortex, and helps to coordinate the corpus callosum connecting the right and left hemispheress.*

This stimulation increases blood flow and electromegnetic activity in the brain, reinvigorating connective tissue without expensive surgery.

As the two lobes are aligned by the oscilication of data reguarding the polar plot, a deep harmony emerges, resulting in an overall smoother functioning mind and body.

* Warning: These statements have not been approved by health professionals or mathematicians.

d. My math teacher gave me a fear of numeric functions, resulting in understimulated segments of left hemisphere which have not been activated for years. Is polar graphing right for me?
The polar graph requires only limited experience to cognize. Plotting millions of points in polar coordintes with a modern computer requires no mindless busiwork. You are free to inhabit an infinite variation of perpetually evolving patterns, reflecting on the functions of your composition.

Every graph begins with very simple numbers, which are added and multiplied amongst eachother. As you become familiar with your functions, they gradually increase in complexity, eventually rendering highly detailed patterns beyond the range of most people's perception.

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