A Photoshop Anti-Aliasing Tip

Use these techniques when you've drawn an un-antialiased mask and you want it to be smooth.

Here is an example of what this tutorial can do for you:

Notice the jagged edge around the "Normal Burger". Using this photoshop tutorial I created a tasty burger in seconds.

You may ask yourself, "Why is phong doing this? My photoshop burgers are already tasty!" Well, you never know when this technique will come in handy, so continue.

Step 1
Draw the normal burger

Create a new image 500x500 pixels with a white background.

Grab the Marquee Circle Selection tool, and in the options window de-select anti-aliasing.

On a new layer, fill the selection with the forground color. (Alt+Backspace) Deselect (Ctrl+D)

Observe the jagged ugly edges of the circle. Pretend the fact that it is jagged is something you had no control over. That is when you would ACTUALLY use this tutorial.

In the Channels window, create a new channel. Fill the selection with white. Deselect (Ctrl+D).

Step 2
Blur it

In the menu go: Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > 3.5 pixels

Step 3
Tweak the edges

In the menu go: Image > Ajust > Levels

Grab those sliders at the far ends and bring them close together, until you have a nice smooth edge on the circle.

Step 4
Creating the layer

On the channels window, click the "Load Channel as Selection" button.

Now, in the layers window create a new LAYER. Fill the selection (Alt+Backspace) with the color you want your tasty burger, delete the normal burger layer and you're done.

Use these new found skills to create a tasty milk-shake.