Creating cool Text effects in 3D Studio MAX is relatively easy.

1. In the Create Tab, click Shapes. Select the Text button, and place your text in a viewport by clicking where you want it.

2. Edit the Parameters of your text object to your liking, then click on the modify tab, and select the MORE... button. From the OBJECT-SPACE MODIFIERS select Bevel, and click OK.

3. Pan down the options to the 'Bevel Values' title. Positive outline values will make the text appear fatter, negetive will subtract from the dimensions in the characters.

Start Outline: Outline of the base of your text object.

Level 1:
The Height and outline of the bottom level.

Level 2:
The Height and outline of the next level. (make the outline negative to dull the edge)

Level 3:
The Height and outline of a third level. (if selected)


A.) Try removing the bevel, and applying an Extrude.

B.) To edit the Vertices on in the text spline, in the modify tab, click on the Stack icon and convert it to an Editable Spline. This will convert the text object into a spline, and cannot be edited like a text object again.

Copyright 1999 Anson Vogt. All rights reserved.