This tutorial illustrates a flexible method for stitching together overlapping photos into a seamless panorama.

It also includes a basic introduction to the automated Photomerge function in CS.

This tutorial will demonstrate advanced techniques to extract a clean mask from a photo of a tree set against a blue sky, extensively using channels and levels.
An advanced tutorial demonstrating a simple method of giving the illusion of a 3d refraction to any form, using Photoshop's Glass filter.
How to create 3d tubes and wires with a particular quality of light and shadows, using lighting effects.
How to create a transparent reflecting sphere, with lighting effects, various blending modes and the sphereize filter.
How to create a beveled metal texture with a series of filters, including Lighting Effects.

Translation: German

A flexible technique to create glossy highlights on any form, using lighting effects, screen blending and curves.
A flexible effect using the paint bucket's pattern fill, and mosaic filter.
Imagine the ability to apply an effect to a group of layers in Photoshop, and then have the power to edit that effect later, while preserving the original layers. Adjustment Layers allow just that.
General tips on mastering Photoshop's Lighting Effects filter.
This simple technique can be used for rounding hard corners on shapes and anti-aliasing jagged layers.
Screen blending brightens the underlying layers according to how bright the screened layer is.

See how this blending mode can streamline your creative process.

See the varieties of this unique additive blending mode.
Use this technique on you imagery to make it look like they're projecting on a janky old screen.
Instantly remove your jagged edges with a tight clean curve.
Create an illusory 3D wireframe sphere with the sphereize filter.
Enhance your imagery by creating a froody grid with Photoshop's pattern fill feature.
Actions using the F-keys to streamline selection and guassian blur operations.
Create mad outlines around your shapes by expanding and contracting their edges.
Create rust, blood or goo dripping from cracks or text.
This simple technique can be used for rounding hard corners on shapes and anti-aliasing jagged layers.
Two techniques to add depth and contrast to your imagery.
Create an eye-catching starburst in seconds.