Bows from another journey around the earth, this time in search for business relations, production partners and spiritual masters to create alliances with the Illuminated project. Explore the 2008 photo gallery for slices from my journeys around Japan, Thailand, India, and North America. Enjoy!
Illuminated is a new animated series being created by some of the people behind GNN (Guerrilla News Network),, Pod Collective, Broken Saints, and

The series charts the coming of age of Aya, a young precocious girl in a not-too-distant future, where technology has short-circuited people's ability to achieve REM state... Together with her guru, Shenguan, Aya sets out on a transformational journey to visit the most spiritually charged places on Earth - re-connecting with the wisdom-keepers of the planet and re-learning the ancient spiritual traditions to evolve her consciousness and restore humanity's ability to dream.
If it happens to be an curious mystery what phong is and has been doing - now a live webcam of phongular journey and workflow presence for your viewing pleasure.

Whenever my laptop is online - a live webcam feeds straight to your mizzie.

A spontaneous collaboration with Sijay / Onbeyond and Erik Davis lead to this new level of chunk interfacing.

"Initiate cosmic consciousness download."
-Department of Mental Technologies.

A simple flash toy controlling the position, scale and rotation of an array of hexagram grids-

the hyperdimentional crystalline hexagram matrix allows one's perceptions to shift between parallel planes of vision. Deepening the mystery imbued in many simple patterns and mimicking the networks of cellular anatomae.

Spectraleyes is a collaboration with the intrepid artist Luke Brown, of the Pod Collective.

Lucid visions are activated into flash interfaces used to navigate his vast body of artwork which spans from elegant tattoos to photoshop masterpieces.

Check out:

Fourty thousand inspired souls made it out to the pre-historic playa this year to form a week long experimental society known as Black Rock City, temporarily one of the largest towns in Nevada.

Artists from all disciplines manifested rare social phenomenon in this space, surrendering to the flow of dance and laughter in the art of life.

» pod : fora » optical » Burning Man 2005
» Official Burning Man Website
Warm greetings from a land of spanish africans chowing down italian food.

Arriving with no plans or expectations, I landed for a short stay in rice and beans heaven, drinking from coconuts and flying off a windsurfing board.

» This is what was seen in the meantime.
Flowing through the threads of the pod:fora ,
xavi:metrical pod:gression is an evolving series of pieces exploring the patterns of geometrical progression inspired by the art of xavi.
home: portal is an ad-free customizable home page, designed to be set as your browser's start page.

In a compact design, the portal offers Google web & image search, M-W's dictionary & thesaurus, and a grip of RSS news feeds you can choose from, as well as the phong link post and a database for storing your own links.

There are a number of skins which condition the environment to adapt various paradigms, and each skin has a series of images which alternate randomly each time the page is refreshed.

The home: portal is an enhanced version of the original phong portal, which spawned in late 1999. Through numerous server changes the old database was lost, so previous users must create a new account.